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WA // SunSmart/Nature Play Mission Competition winners announcement

Nature Play WA and SunSmart photo competition for kids 8 years and under

 Winning photo Rosalie Primary School, Shenton Park

Winning photo – Rosalie Primary School in Shenton Park show us how to make a shady cubby!

Thanks to the Western Australian schools and child care services who entered our Mission Competition!

Kelmscott CCC Kelmscott Child Care Centre

Goodstart Eaton cropped Goodstart Early Learning in Eaton

Kids Corner 4 Kids Corner 3  Kids Corner Child Care Centre in Munster

Holy Rosary Holy Rosary School in Derby

Goodstart East Perth Goodstart Early Learning in East Perth

St Mary's St Mary’s School in Northampton


Competition terms and conditions are available here.

While the competition is now closed, you can still get outside to complete the missions below. Just don’t forget to be SunSmart!

  • Spectacular sunsets! It’s getting dark! That’s it, time to get inside right? No way! It’s time to watch the sunset over the water. Can you take a photo the moment when the sun disappears? The UV will be under 3, so no need for a hat!  Advanced manoeuvre: On the coast of Western Australia, the sun sets over the ocean. In the East, the sun rises over the beach and sets in the mountains. Why does that happen? Do some research and find out!
  • Special sundials. Do you want to learn to tell the time from the sun? Why not make your own clock? Attach a pen, chopstick, marker or piece of dowel to the top of an upturned empty flower pot or paper plate. Go outside (make sure you’re wearing a hat, sunscreen and SunSmart clothing!) to a sunny location on paving, driveway, or footpath and place the flower pot upside down on the concrete with the pen or marker (or dowel  rod) poking out the top. Trace the pot with a piece of chalk. Mark the pen’s shadow from the sun on the concrete. Check it every hour and mark the shadow. How is the shadow moving? Leave it in place and use it the next day to tell the time! (Teachers – check out these lesson plans to help!).
  • In the tree tops. Ask mum or dad to help you find the perfect shady climbing tree and get yourself into the branches. If you have binoculars pop them into your pocket so you can look at the new sights from your perch. Safety – always remember to use three points of contact with the tree (either 2 hands and 1 foot, or 2 feet and 1 hand). Advanced manoeuvre: Ask mum or dad if they’ll help you make a rope ladder with knots or rungs. Then ask them to tie the end to a branch and use the rope to climb your way up!
  • Shady cubby. Create an outdoor cubby in a shady spot to have adventures in. Ask mum, dad or your teacher if you can have some boxes, blankets, twigs, some furniture etc to create your own outdoor hideaway. Get creative. Could just be a tarp and pegs from the washing line!
  • Outdoor picnic. Have an outdoor shady teddy bears picnic with healthy snacks. Dress up your soft toys to protect them from the sun! Make mud pies, grass tea and flower cupcakes to pretend to feast on. Ask mum or dad if you can have your lunch out there too!
  • Chalk shadow. Ask mum or dad to help you use chalk to draw around your shadow early in the morning. Come back to it later in the day and see how it has changed. What do you notice? Don’t forget to be SunSmart!


Want more mission ideas to get your kids outdoors? Register today for the Nature Play “Passport to an Amazing Childhood” program. For more inspiration log onto Nature Play WA .

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