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Hats in child care services

Some children do not like to wear hats! Persistence is needed to teach them that a hat is part of their outside routine. Ensuring that children’s hats are labelled and kept in child accessible storage helps to make it easier to implement a ‘hat’s on, fun’s on’ kind of routine. Children who have left their […]

Fundraising idea to cool your school

Comet Bay Primary School have recently installed new shade sails over their Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (see below). Principal Matt Osborne shared the great idea the school came up with to raise funds for the shade (and air conditioning and now solar panels!) “We started the Cool Our School scheme to raise funds for the […]

You have completed module 2: Being SunSmart!

Congratulations! You may come back at anytime and review this module by logging in and selecting Module 2. We hope you have learnt some valuable information and we look forward to your return to complete Module 3: SunSmart Schools and Centres. In Module 3: SunSmart Schools and Centres, you will learn why sun protection is […]

Welcome to Module 2

This module covers essential background information on skin cancer, ultraviolet radiation and sun exposure. The module will begin with a review of the information from the previous module. Important: Please be sure to click the ‘submit’ button for your quizzes. This will ensure that you will be given feedback on your responses and access to […]