Learn about: skin cancer, being SunSmart, and how to incorporate sun protection strategies into your day to day activities.

Generation SunSmart

Curriculum and classroom resources

SunSmart Literature Resources: We have compiled 20 SunSmart story books and over 60 SunSmart activities to incorporate into your everyday programs. The SunSmart literature resource has something for everyone, from SunSmart art activities, dramatic play opportunities and simple games such as SunSmart Simon Says.

SunSmart Sun Catcher and instructions – are you SunSmart superstar? Suitable for primary school students, this ‘chatterbox’ is a fun activity to test sun protection knowledge.

Secondary school resources – featuring engaging videos and secondary school lessons, providing Year 7–10 students and teachers with free resources to examine the issues related to young people
and skin cancer.

Sun and UV at School is a suite of evidence-based teaching resources for primary and secondary school students by the Cancer Institute NSW.