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Fundraising idea to cool your school

Comet Bay Primary School have recently installed new shade sails over their Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (see below). Principal Matt Osborne shared the great idea the school came up with to raise funds for the shade (and air conditioning and now solar panels!)

“We started the Cool Our School scheme to raise funds for the school in 2007.  Every Tuesday every child is encouraged to bring in their 5c and 10c pieces which are counted and a tally maintained.  At the end of the term and year there is a prize for the winning classes in the junior and senior school.

After the air conditioning was completed we moved on to raise money for shade.  Now all of the shade is almost complete we are looking at using the scheme to fund solar panels for the school.

We had some promotional posters developed and a special yellow bin which all the money is placed with a clear plastic window so the kids can see the level of the money.

At the end of term, a volunteer takes the coins to the bank and feeds through the coin counter.  This takes many hours and needs to be organised prior with the bank. In 2015, the school raised $7 000, with the school also contributing to the cost of the new shade sails.” 

Well done to the students, parents and staff at Comet Bay Primary School. That’s 140 000 five cent pieces!!