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Play Active Program

Play Active Program – physical activity policy and training for Early Childhood Education and Care

Encouraging young children to be more active

Introducing Play Active, a new Physical Activity Policy for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centres. Daily physical activity provides many health and developmental benefits for young children, including healthy body weight, improved bone health and cardiovascular fitness, and enhanced cognitive, emotional and psychosocial development. But many young children do not meet the recommended 3 hours of physical activity each day.

Play Active recognises the important role ECEC centres play in supporting children to develop good physical activity and sedentary behaviours. The Play Active Program supports ECEC services in developing and implementing their physical activity policy. This includes a Resource Guide with practical tips, information and tools. In an Australian first, evidence-based face to face and online training is available. To find out more about the program and how to become a ‘Play Active’ centre go to: www.generationsunsmart.com.au/register-for-ecec-physical-activity-policy 

For further information please email play.active@telethonkids.org.au