Learn about: skin cancer, being SunSmart, and how to incorporate sun protection strategies into your day to day activities.

Generation SunSmart

Posters – Schools

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Adolescent poster

Choose Your Look 

Sunburnt - unappealing - no dates   SSSSS - no dates

Sunburnt? That’s unappealing    Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide

BABY SiD says A3

Sid Seagull says ‘be SunSmart‘ – write the daily sun protection times.

Is your family SunSmart

Is your family SunSmart?

Poster image 2

How to read the UV forecast

Sid image

Sid the Seagull – Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide

UV 3 poster image

UV Index– write in the daily sun protection times and maximum UV

No hat play in the shade

No hat play in shade

Killer Body Art Female  Killer Body Art Male

Skin cancer: It’s killer body art (female)

Skin cancer: It’s killer body art (male)

Play it safe in the sun image

Play it safe in the sun 

Don't cook for looks image

Don’t cook for looks

Early detection of skin cancer

Untitled  Early Detection Zip

A simple check could save your life – for staff

Can you spot a skin cancer? – for staff