Learn about: skin cancer, being SunSmart, and how to incorporate sun protection strategies into your day to day activities.

Generation SunSmart

Sun protection and swimming carnivals

Is your school planning a swimming carnival?

Here are some ways to protect students from sun exposure during your swimming carnival:


  • Use an indoor pool if available.
  • Hold a twilight carnival, starting the carnival late in the afternoon and continuing into the evening.
  • Schedule as many events or activities as possible early in the day when UV levels are lower.
  • Choose a pool with shade over it with shade available for spectators.

In the pool

  • Encourage students to wear swimwear that covers as much skin as possible.
  • Ensure all students use rashies or t-shirts while in the water for prolonged periods.

Out of the pool

  • Minimise the time the children are required to be in direct sunlight.
  • Have a teacher in charge of sunscreen application. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going outdoors to clean, dry skin. Reapply every two hours or more often if in water, sweating or towel drying.
  • Give prizes or extra points to the most SunSmart faction or group!
  • Ensure the students and staff are wearing sun protective clothing when spectating or officiating.
  • Enforce the wearing of sun protective hats (not caps!) and encourage sunglasses to be worn by all.
  • Parents of children who have fair skin or a family history of skin cancer may prefer not to let their child attend an outdoor carnival during terms one or four. Their decision should be supported.
  • Remember that temperature is not a guide to the intensity of the UV radiation. Check your local UV forecast at www.myUV.com.au