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About Generation SunSmart

Generation SunSmart aims to ensure our children and young people can live, play and learn in sun safe environments. Generation SunSmart is community-funded and delivered by Cancer Council WA. The SunSmart Schools program began in Western Australia in 1998, followed by the Services program in 2005. These nationally recognised programs ensure that schools and services have a comprehensive, evidence-based UV protection policy implemented. We aim to increase the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of young people and those who care for them on ultraviolet (UV) radiation protection. We also aim to ensure young people have access to UV protective environments.

Protecting our young people

Australia has the highest skin cancer rates in the world – two in three Australians will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Up to 95% of skin cancers are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun, making it one of the most preventable cancers. UV exposure during childhood and adolescence is associated with an increased risk of skin cancer later in life. As children and teens are at school or in care/early education when UV radiation is at its peak, schools and services play a major role in providing an environment that minimises overexposure and encouraging long-term UV protective behaviours. 

We care about protecting children and young people through education and supporting UV safe environments to ensure further SunSmart generations.

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The SunSmart program partners with schools and education and care services to develop and implement a best practice sun protection policy.

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