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SunSmart in Education & Care Services and OSHC

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority’s National Quality Standard (ACECQA) requires all approved providers to have policies and procedures in place in relation to sun protection and take reasonable steps to ensure those policies and procedures are followed. Early childhood education & care services and out of school hours care services have a duty of care to minimise children’s overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and provide an environment that encourages sun protection behaviours.

What is a SunSmart Service?

SunSmart Services recognise that UV levels peak in the middle of the day and that as the UV Index rises, the associated risk of skin damage also increases. A SunSmart Service has a sun or UV protection policy and practices in place which aim to reduce overexposure to UV. Cancer Council recommends implementing a sun protection policy when the UV levels are 3 or above.

The SunSmart program assists childcare and early learning services to develop and maintain UV protection policies and put them into action. Joining the SunSmart program demonstrates a commitment to securing the future health and well-being of children and staff. The program is open to childcare, family day care schemes, OSHC and early learning services.

Support Documents:

UV Protection Best Practice Guidelines for Western Australian Early Childhood & OSHC Services [PDF]

Sample Early Childhood UV Sun Protection Policy (Word)

Sample OSHC UV Sun Protection Policy (Word)

The Shade Handbook: A practical guide for shade development in Western Australia [PDF]             

Criteria to join the SunSmart Service Program:

  • A UV protection policy is implemented whenever the UV Index reaches 3 or above
  • All children and staff wear a broad brimmed, legionnaire or bucket hat when outside
  • The use of SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum water resistant sunscreen is required
  • UV protective clothing is required
  • Play experiences about UV protection are included in the education program
  • The UV policy is reflected in the planning of all outdoor events
  • Outdoor experiences are rescheduled, whenever possible, to minimise time outdoors when the UV Index is 8 and above
  • The service has sufficient shade or is working towards increasing shade in the outdoor play space
  • The service reviews its UV protection policy regularly (at least once every two years)
  • SunSmart membership will be reassessed every three years to confirm sun protection practices


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The SunSmart program partners with schools and education and care services to develop and implement a best practice sun protection policy.

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