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Apply to join the SunSmart Program

SunSmart Registration WA

Western Australian Education and Care Services and Schools can apply to join the SunSmart Program. A SunSmart member has an ultraviolet (UV) protection or sun policy and practices in place which aim to reduce over-exposure to UV. Cancer Council WA recommends implementing a sun protection policy when the UV index is 3 or above. Members of the SunSmart Program recognise that UV levels peak in the middle of the day and that as the UV Index rises, the associated risk of skin damage also increases. Membership is valid for three years and ensures that your UV policy and practice are evidence-based and current. Displaying the ‘We Are SunSmart’ sign means that children and staff can work, learn and play in a UV safe environment.


We care about protecting children and young people through education and supporting UV safe envoronments to ensure future SunSmart generations.