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Creating Change Around Sun Protection

Years: 7 & 8

Australian F-10 curriculum links

Health and Physical Education

Content descriptions

  • Investigate and select strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS073)
  • Evaluate health information and communicate their own and others’ health concerns (ACPPS076)
  • Plan and use health practices, behaviours and resources to enhance health, safety and
  • wellbeing of their communities (ACPPS077)

Achievement standards

  • Students investigate strategies and practices that enhance their own, others and the community’s health, safety, and wellbeing.
  • Students demonstrate skills to make informed decisions and propose and implement actions that promote their own and others’ health, safety, and wellbeing.

Prepare yourself (teacher)

Teacher Instructions

Familiarise yourself with sun protection in schools by visiting Generation SunSmart and Cancer Council WA websites. Show students the ‘Protection is Better than the Cure’ infographic and analyse and discuss different facts and findings from the resource.

Class resources

Estimated time required

Two lessons:

Lesson 1 – review resources

Lesson 2 – collate required information and create a suggested change

Student worksheet

You are to use the information and learnings from the infographics on the ‘Protection is Better than the Cure’ resource to make one recommended change to school rules and policies in relation to sun protection. You need to provide further information on how the changes are to be implemented, who is involved and set an end goal or desired result.

You should choose a recommendation that is sustainable and can be achieved within your school.

You may like to consider the following options:

– Sun protection policy development/review
– Availability of sun protective hats
– Abolishing caps from the school uniform
– Availability of sunscreen throughout the school
– Role modelling of hats by staff members
– Increasing the shade over commonly used areas

For further information on sun protection in schools, you may like to search Generation SunSmart and Cancer Council WA websites.

1. What is the recommendation or change you are making at your school regarding sun protection?

2. Using the resource ‘Protection is Better than the Cure’ and other information gathered from relevant resources to justify the change you are making within your school.

3. Using the table below, state who will be involved in the process and how they will assist in the development of this change.

4. Create a SMART goal that will see the development of this change occurring within the next semester of school.

5. Explain how the change will be made sustainable? How will this change be embedded in your school’s culture beyond the current students and staff at your school?

6 How will you evaluate the success of this change? What will success look like if this change is implemented effectively?