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Design a SunSmart hat

There are many wonderful picture books available that can be used to promote awareness and discussion about sun protection. ‘Now That’s a Hat’ by Heath McKenzie is a hilarious rhyming story with vibrant illustrations about finding the right hat. Available online, in hard copy and a read aloud on YouTube.

Curriculum Areas: English, The Arts & Design and Technology

Task: Design and make a SunSmart hat that will pass the SunSmart Hat Test.

Rules: To pass the SunSmart Hat Test, it must provide shade to the face, neck, ears and crown of the head.

Resources:  Craft supplies, recycled materials and glue/sticky tape.


  1. Explore and research different types of hats. Have students bring in a hat from home.
  2. Do a SunSmart Hat Test: Does it provide shade to the face, neck, ears and crown of the head? Use a torch from above as the ‘sun’ to test for shaded vs exposed skin.
  3. Draw a SunSmart hat design and label its SunSmart features.
  4. Turn your design into a hat! Using recycled and craft materials make your SunSmart hat.
  5. Once finished do another SunSmart Hat Test.
  6. Celebrate! Show off your SunSmart hats at your next school assembly or email photos to the SunSmart Team at Cancer Council WA at

Key Questions:

  1. What makes a hat SunSmart?
  2. Why do we need to wear hat?
  3. Why is shade so important?
  4. What other ways can you protect yourself from ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun?
  5. Why is important to wear sunscreen as well as a hat?
    Download this activity for printing.

This activity has been written for K-2 students in mind but can be modified for all year levels at teacher’s discretion.  Cancer Council WA recommends broad-brimmed, bucket and legionnaires style hats.