Play Active Program


Active play is important for several National Quality Standards, but especially Quality Area 2. But did you know that two in three children in early education aren’t doing enough active play.  That’s 600,000 children across Australia not getting the best, active start to life.

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To find out more about the program and how to become a ‘Play Active’ service go to:

Play Active

Want to know more about Play Active?

 A New National Program
Following a successful research trial in 2021, Play Active will be available nationally from 2023 — to support early education and care services to boost opportunities for active play.

Why Play Active?
Educators and directors are highly aware of the importance of active play for children. Yet, due to competing demands placed on educators, unfortunately data show that only 1 in 3 children get enough active play to meet Australian guidelines for active play in early childhood education and care.

What is Play Active Accreditation?
Educators and directors can become personally Accredited in 20 minutes
In an Australian first, evidence-based online training is available for free for both Educators and Directors. Completion of the training earns educators and directors personal Accreditation. Best of all? The training is currently free.

What is Play Active Certification?
Directors can get their service Certified in 60 minutes!
Additionally, for Directors, Play Active supports the in developing, tailoring and implementing an evidence-based physical activity policy. This support includes brief training, self-assessments and resources with practical tips, information and tools.