Learn about: skin cancer, being SunSmart, and how to incorporate sun protection strategies into your day to day activities.

Generation SunSmart


Think UV not heat

You may have seen our UV (ultraviolet) Index advertisement popping up in your news feed and on television last summer. The key message of this campaign is that when the UV is 3 or above, you need to be SunSmart. Don’t be fooled by temperature! Some people incorrectly use temperature to determine when to use […]

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Playing in the shade is the healthy choice!

“Where’s your hat?”  Most of the time, students will remember to bring their hat to school, but on the odd occasion when it has been lost or left at home, what is your school’s approach to children without a hat during outdoor lessons or play and break times? One outcome of implementing school health programs […]

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WA // School Activity – UV Index Advert Analysis

The UV Index advert is a valuable learning tool for Health and English (viewing) lessons that promotes important SunSmart messages. When critically analysing and exploring the hidden SunSmart messages in the UV advert, it ticks off many key curriculum outcomes, supports health literacy growth and develops important healthy lifestyle choices. The aim of the UV […]

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WA // WIN $10,000 for shade at your school in 2022!

Cancer Council WA is offering the chance for one WA school to win $10 000 for shade. To enter, make sure your school is a current SunSmart School by renewing membership or joining the program. To search for your school’s current SunSmart status, click here. Entries close at 5pm 13 November 2022. Winning schools will […]

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WA // SunSmart Literature Activities

There are many wonderful picture books available that can be used to promote awareness and discussion about the sun, weather, seasons, sun protection and skin. We have compiled 20 SunSmart story books and over 60 SunSmart activities to incorporate into your everyday programs. The SunSmart literature resource has something for everyone, from SunSmart art activities, […]

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