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Persuasive Writing – Hats Versus Caps

Writing prompts are a great stimulus to engage students in conversations about current social and health issues and then write about them. It often involves researching to find more information about topics such as the effects of harmful ultraviolet radiation and sun protection.

Curriculum Area:
 English, Health

Task: Write a persuasive text about brimmed or bucket hats versus caps

Resources:  Hats versus caps picture prompt and writing materials.


  1. Analyse the image and discuss key questions.
  2. Brainstorm arguments for and against brimmed/bucket hats and caps.
  3. Research topics such as sun protection, skin cancer prevention and ultraviolet radiation. Visit Cancer Council WA’s Generation SunSmart website for information to help develop your argument.

Key Questions:

  1. What health issues are portrayed in the image?
  2. What are the differences between a cap and a hat?
  3. What is your key message regarding hats versus caps?
  4. What other ways can you protect yourself from UV radiation?


  • Design a brimmed hat versus cap poster.

This activity has been written with Year 3-6 students in mind, but can be modified for all year levels.  Cancer Council WA recommends broad-brimmed, bucket and legionnaires style hats.