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Cancer Council WA acknowledges your service’s commitment to ensuring that children and staff are reducing their risk of future skin cancers.

To support your service, please share this exclusive member page with fellow educators and administrators.

Download the following SunSmart support resources:

  • Letter to parents – Advise families and community on the sun protection policy at your service
  • Sunscreen fact sheet – Share facts about how sunscreen works and key recommendations
  • SunSmart newsletter tips – Share key SunSmart newsletter messages for families and community
  • Sun protective hats fact sheet – Share facts about the importance of SunSmart hats
  • Sun protection and children – Provide background information on the importance of sun protection in children and UV protection strategies
  • Funding shade – Helpful advice to fund shade through grants and sponsorship opportunities
  • UV Widget – Download free UV widget to your service website to inform staff and community of the UV index (example below)
  • SunSmart Global UV app – Download free global UV app to obtain real-time UV levels for locations across Australia and the world
  • 20% off Cancer Council sunscreen purchased through our online shop (Enter SSNECM24WA code before proceeding to checkout)

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