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Generation SunSmart

WA // WIN $10,000 for shade at your school in 2021!

Cancer Council WA is offering the chance for one WA school to win $10 000 for shade. To enter, make sure your school is a current SunSmart School by renewing membership or joining the program. To search for your school’s current SunSmart status, click here.

Entries close at 5pm Friday 12 November 2021.

The winning school will be randomly drawn and announced during National Skin Cancer Action Week 21-27 November 2021. Schools can also win one of five SunSmart packs.

Download the terms and conditions here. A lovely flyer and entry form to print and share is available here.


Win $10,000 for Shade entry form 2021

  • 50 words or less is adequate. This is not judging criteria. Competition only open to schools in Western Australia.

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How can shade positively influence your school?

To help improve sun protective environments, Cancer Council WA provides one school the amazing opportunity to win $10,000 to implement or increase the shade available to provide protection to young people while at school. Beaumaris Primary School Manager of Corporate Services, Donna Attwood, said the school felt grateful to have won the shade in 2019 and was kind enough to answer a few questions on how the shade grant has positively impacted their school.

How did you spend your $10,000 shade grant?

The money provided by Cancer Council WA was used to place a shade structure over a playground that was rarely used and had little appeal to the students.

How did the shade grant benefit the school community?

The new sunshade has transformed how our students interact with each other during recess and lunch times and has had a positive impact on our school community as a whole and increased play time.

Have you seen an increase in usage of the playground within the newly constructed shaded area?

Children found it difficult to play on this playground during summer, and as a SunSmart school, our parents were always concerned about our students spending time on this playground during the highest UV times of the day. The shade has increased the number of kids using the playground and has provided the school with another SunSmart location for kids to utilise.